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Which is Really Better- Bongs or Pipes?

It has always been a long time debate between smokers as to which apparatus is better to use in smoking tobacco or medical cannabis, the bongs (glass water bongs) or dry smoking pipes. A lot of people will always prefer smoking through a smoking pipe and many people are saying they prefer using water bongs. We are going to look at the pros and cons of these smoking devices to attempt to write a comparison between the two.

Getting into some technicalities in differentiating the two smoking paraphernalias would be our first step. A dry pipe is simply a tube crafted from wood, clay, ceramic, or glass that has holes at opposite ends to where you smoke tobacco at one of these ends. While the bong is a filtration device containing water that is generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, hashish and other herbal substances. You’ve got it right! The most evident distinction among the two is that the bong contains water which serves as filtration for the smoke.

Smoking via a dry pipe is virtually very basid. Trying to inhale a big rip out of it is very hard because the smoke you get is usually warm and very harsh to the throat and lungs. In some cases, you might even inhale pieces of tobacco into your oral cavity simply because dry pipes pretty much have no filters in them. So in essence, you are basically smoking tobacco right into your lungs. Using the bong with your tobacco enables you to take in a much smoother smoke. Due to the fact that the smoke gets cleaned initially via the water prior to getting to your mouth. People always say that smoking through water bongs is much gentler for your lungs. Not forgetting that you get to breathe in a much larger amount of smoke that consequently allows you to have a quicker effect of smoking. Whilst some smokers would think that the water filtration will also block out many of the THC ingredients of the hashish and medical cannabis but this is far from the truth. Unlike water bongs which are usually so much bigger and stouter and legally harder to travel with, the biggest advantage of dry pipes is that they are much easier to carry around. In addition, compared to bongs, pipes are easier to clean as they are much smaller.

There are many unique versions of glass water bongs are being offered in the mainstream market today. These smoking devices are marked “for Tobacco use only” for obvious legal reasons. You can even find attractively fashioned bongs being offered in the malls. Even online stores are selling these smoking apparatuses everywhere. You’ll surely come across a lot of these artistic bongs, just try searching for bongs at your favorite online shop.
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