Pet Supplements Incorporate Nutritious Ingredients to Enhance Wellness

A happy pet can be a joy to be with, but one feeling a little less than perfect can drag spirits down. Pet owners generally want the best for their dogs and cats, but it is not always clear what needs to be done to help a pet live a happy, rewarding life.

As those who watch Nuvet videos here will see, understanding the various nutritional requirements and options now available to pets can easily help. By formulating supplements that are designed to boost immune system function, contribute to improved coat and skin, and achieve other important goals, companies like NuVet help pets and their owners enjoy life even more.

Natural Ingredients That Have a Lot to Offer to Many Pets

As videos posted by the company make clear, pet nutrition now goes far beyond whatever types of food are available on store shelves. Pet-focused supplements incorporate many different ingredients that can help plug gaps which might exist in the diets of dogs and cats. Some of the most important and commonly used of these include:

  • Alfalfa: As a legume commonly employed to provide much needed beta carotene and other nutrients to livestock, alfalfa has a reputation for being one of the most nutritious plants of all. Pets can benefit just as much from the important vitamins, minerals, and proteins it supplies, and supplements that incorporate it can therefore be easily worth working into a routine.
  • Oyster shell: Just like with people, pets often lack access to all the calcium needed to ensure strong, resilient bones. Whether for younger pets whose growing bodies are ravenous for the material or older ones whose bones are starting to become weaker, oyster shell often proves to be a rich source of this substance.
  • Pine bark: Many people today are interested in what the wellness enhancing powers of antioxidants can do for them personally. Pets can benefit every bit as much from these important substances, and the proanthocyanidins found in pine bark are regarded as some of the most potent of all.

Happier Pets Make for Happier Owners

With these being only a few of the ingredients that pet targeted supplements can include, owners of dogs and cats have plenty of interesting options to look into. Doing everything possible for a pet can mean enjoying one’s own life that much more.