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Reinforce Good Behavior of You Bichon Frise with Rewards

It is not surprising that many people are fascinated with Bichon Frise because of its positive attributes. Aside from the fact that they are adorable, they have also the most profound way of showing affection towards their owners. One of the interesting features that they have is their small size and of course their loyalty for people who show them care and love. However, just like any other dog breeds there are certain areas that you would want to improve. If you want to reinforce good behavior with Bichons or you want to teach them some tricks it is not actually a problem since they are a quick learner. Although they are fast learner, you will need to exert significant amount of effort since they sometimes lose their interest with the task given to them and start becoming affectionate to you by cuddling. The latter can be a problem since owners often are defeated with their cuteness and charm and so instead of learning you end up spoiling them. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot train them to do things. What you need to do is teaching them with proper reinforcements. Give them rewards for every good thing they have shown. This article will provide you a list of rewards that you can provide them whenever they do something good during their training.

Taking them for a walk
Taking them for a walk is not necessarily a reward but more on an important thing that dogs must do. Although, this may not seem a reward nevertheless dogs like Bichons loves strolling around and playing outdoors. With that information at hand, if they are able to follow certain instructions well then you can allot more time with their outdoor activities. They will be delighted to do some exercise, meet and place with other dogs in the park. If you want them to feel more carefree then you can take them to a more spacious ground of field. Perhaps you can take them in a new park or in reservoir where they can walk around and be one with nature. Undeniably they are fond of seeing new places thus taking them for a walk in a new environment is definitely exciting for them. It is also a good thing if you will allow them to sit first prior putting the harness on them. By doing the latter then you are actually allowing them to learn a good habit that slowly train them to be obedient with your commands which is something that you must highly consider since Bichons get distracted easily.