Different types of ear gauges:

Since ear stretching has become a craze in the nook and corners of the world, ear gauges have started to come in different styles, different colours, different models and in different shapes, giving you an oceanic range to choose from. You don’t have to settle for the same style of gauges that you are bored to use anymore. You can flaunt different styles of gauges, matching the colour of your dress or the shoes that are going to wear. This article takes you through different collections of ear gauges that are available in the market.

ear gauges
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Explore the wide range of collections:

Plugs are the most common type of ear gauges that you can get. Plugs have different sizes of lips and saddles, the ones with gems, without gems, different types of materials out of which they are made from and much more. Different type of metals or materials includes glass, wood, silicone, stainless steel, gold plated, silver and in some cases even pure gold. Different types of plugs are double-flared plugs, single flared plugs and the straight plug. Another type of ear gauge is tunnels. Tunnels are similar to plugs but, there are slight differences that you must beware of.

Apart from tunnels and plugs, there are hangers, expanders, fake cheater plugs, screw types etc. Before buying any type of ear gauge you have to confirm with yourself if that type of ear gauge will suit your face and whether you are not allergic to the material type. In general, many people prefer plus and tunnels because they are the universal favourite and almost suit all type of faces. The most important of all things is, to check the size of the ear gauge while buying because it has to match with your ear stretching type.